Modern Kitchens

Modern design refers to the industrial revolution and manufacturing shifting from ornate designs requiring craftsmen and specialized carpentry to manufacturing with machinery with clean lines and simple construction. With this concept in mind, modern kitchens have come a long way. Even with the clean lines and minimalistic approach, they can still feel very rich and luxe.

Transitional Kitchens

A transitional kitchen incorporates some elements of modern kitchens and some elements of traditional kitchens. It is not one or the other, but rather a blend of many things. Want a blend of traditional and modern in your kitchen? Then a transitional kitchen may be the way to go! The flexibility of using traditional and modern design elements together allow you to not be confined to one particular style and allow for greater creativity.

Traditional Kitchens

Despite the rise in transitional and modern kitchens, traditional kitchens are still amongst the most popular kitchen styles. Traditional kitchens offer a timeless look and a rich appeal as they require attention to detail with ornate posts, corbels, door styles, crown moldings and other decorative accessories.


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